The agriculture in Asia can become really important in the future thanks to the Italian agricultural machines.

The objective has been declared on the 1st of July: the conquer of the Asian markets, like Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam, Japan, China and India.

This is the objective of Alessandro Malavolti, new president of FederUnacoma, the association of the Italian constructors of agricultural machines.

It is really an ambitious goal.

If we think about it, Asia own the 35% of agricultural territories of the entire world (a high percentage since North America covers the 10% of the world wide agricultural surfaces and Europe just the 4%)

Asia can also heavily invest on the enhancement of these territories, improving the productivity and satisfying the growing food requirements.

Therefore, there are new market areas, and for this reason FederUnacoma wants to increment the promotion in countries like Argentina, Australia, Russia and South Africa.


In the first few months of 2017, the data on the agricultural machines registrations in Italy have showcase an increment of sales.

The registrations are growing also in Germany, Spain, UK, are positive in China and India and are in decline in Turkey and in the USA.

What’s the future?

In the near future, the trade of agricultural machines will be influenced by some variables that have nothing to do with this industry.

The clearest examples are the Brexit, the trade policies announced by Donald Trump, the relationships with Russia, the political climate in Turkey and the development of the conflicts in the Middle-East and Arabian countries.

All these events are slowing down the development of the agricultural plans that influence also the agricultural mechanization.

The agricultural industry is really important in Italy which is worth more than 10 billion euros and exports almost five billion euros.

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