Agriculture Improves and Becomes Digital

//Agriculture Improves and Becomes Digital

Agriculture Improves and Becomes Digital

Agriculture is one of the industries that increases the Italian economy, one of the most important sector of the country, thanks to its positive results in the first semester of 2017, with growing statistics in the employment, investments, international trade, and a lot of companies managed by young people.

Indeed, according to Ismea data, published on the “AgrOsserva” report, the growth of the agricultural workers has registered a 1,3% in the first semester, followed by the employees and the young agricultural companies.

There are 50.000 of agricultural companies managed by under 35, and they represent the 6,6% of the total.

With a 33,3% of the first semester there is an increment of granting the loans beyond the short term, thanks to the Psr announcements, generating another increment of the investment of the next biennial.

A +5,5% of the first four month of 2017 for the growth of export is another positive sign due to the investment, pushed by a major request of granting the loans by the companies: +2,1% in March of 2017.

It’s positive also the economy of the food companies, about 70,000, with an increment of 0,5% on an annual base.

The only factors that can obstruct the growth of the agricultural companies are: the volatility of the markets and the weather.

Technology and innovation at Eima Show 2017

The lands of dell’Azienda Agraria della Fondazione per l’Istruzione agraria di Casalina (Perugia) is where has been held the EIma show 2017, an exposition of technological agricultural machines with focus on Precision Agriculture.

The fair is been promoted by Umbria Fiere, Coldiretti Umbira, Università di Perugia, Fondazione per l’Istruzione Agraria e FederUnacoma and organized with the support of the Assessorato all’Agricoltura della regione e delle amministrazioni comunali di Marsciano e Deruta.

The fair was divieded in the following industries:

  • Soil working
  • Sowing
  • Fertilisation
  • Defense of the cultivation
  • Haymaking
  • Grain Harvest
  • Drones

Innovation and technology have been the protagonists of EIMA Show in Umbria, an event focused on the agricultural machines and Precision Agriculture.

During the event have been presented.

  • More than 90 models of tractors-mounted and combine harvesters
  • More than 200 gears for forage harvesting and medical herbs and for the soil working and other agricultural activities produced by 50 companies

There were more than 15.000 people between passionate about agriculture and professionals at Eima Show Umbria 2017.

A 4.0 Agriculture

Every mechanical machine was driven by satellite, IT and sensoristic systems with integrated information by technical drones, in order to offer a complete representation of the 4.0 agriculture that represents the new frontier of the technologies of cultivation of our land.


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