What is the Shot Peening Process?

//What is the Shot Peening Process?

What is the Shot Peening Process?

The shot peening process improves the stress resistance of the components subject to alternate heavy loads.

What is the shot peening process?

Shot peening is a cold working process used to produce a compressive residual stress layer and modify mechanical properties of metals and composites impacting a surface with shot.

The components to work are treated with a steel casting of round metallic particles, with glass and ceramic, with enough force to create a plastic deformation.

Peening a surface spreads it plastically, causing changes in the mechanical properties of the surface.

The advantages of shot peening

The main advantage of shot pining is the prevention of microcracks on the components subject to high traction just like the springs.

The shot peening process

The shot peening process consist in applying a residual compressive stress in a peened surface, along with tensile stress in the interior. Surface compressive stresses confer resistance to metal fatigue and to some forms of stress corrosion.

At the end of the process, the component has a layer stressed by compression.

The advantages of this manufacturing have been showcase for components stressed in a short time and components stressed in a long period of time.

The use

The components that can be subject to the shot peening process are mainly organic metals like springs or connecting rods, but also bronze, brass, titanium, aluminum and various alloys; although, the shot peening process is important in the automotive and aerospace industries.

Mollificio Adriese uses the shot peening process for the springs manufacturing with steel spheres shot at high speed, in order to increment the stress resistance and the hardness of the components.

This treatment increments their mechanical resistance and extend the duration of the component.

Are you interested in this treatment for steel springs? Set up an appointment with Mollificio Adriese.


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