The Manufacturing of Steel Springs

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The Manufacturing of Steel Springs

The Manufacturing of Steel Springs

The professional workers of Mollificio Adriese have specialized in steel springs design and manufacture.

We are able to satisfy any request according to our client’s needs designing and manufacturing a unique and tailored product, and we also manufacture carbon steel springs and wires UNI EN 1027 – 1 SH or SM: springs for agricultural machinery, springs for tractors, springs for the agricultural sector, spares for agricultural machines, spring steel wires, hay tedder springs, tedder spings, rakes springs and seeders springs.

The objective of Mollificio Adirese is to obtain an aesthetically pleasing and high quality finished product.

The manufacturing process of steel springs consists in the thermal treatment and the powder paint, in order to ensure long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing parts.

The shot peening treatment is made under the client request, in order to avoid the effects of various mechanical stress procedures and increment the duration of the products.

The manufacturing cycle is closed by an automatic packaging line of steel springs, with the packaging of packs and small boxes, and a labelling line that allows the customization with logo and code bars of springs and packages, making the products immediately recognizable and with added value.

The manufacturing process of steel springs

The manufacturing cycle for the realization of steel springs is composed by the following stages:


The painting consists in a uniform application of thermosetting powders through electrostatic deposition.

The products transit in a furnace that makes their protective layer chemically effective against corrosive atmospheric agents and at the same time improves their aesthetic.


The shoot peening consists in covering the surfaces of the steel springs with steel spheres (thrown at high velocity) in order to increment their resistance at fatigue and their superficial hardness.


The springs packaging can be done under client request, in big packs that can contain a maximum of 5000* pieces or in little boxes with a 100* pieces capacity.

*depending on the spring’s dimensions.


With the manufacturing of steel springs to satisfy the client needs and giving the product added value, it’s possible to attach a customized label on every spring (with logo, reference and the description of the article or the bar code) and a label on each package.

Thanks to this service, the prices are immediately recognized and optimizing the storage and selling system.


We satisfy our client’s most demanding requests with the laser identification service.

Our new identification system, impressed permanently on the frame, can show a brand or a logo, reference and description of the article.

Thanks to this service all the problems related to the application and utilization of adhesive labels have been removed.

 Do you need carbon steel springs? Request now the fast and reliable service of Mollificio Adriese!


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