The Various Typologies of Steel Springs

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The Various Typologies of Steel Springs

The Various Typologies of Steel Springs

The carbon steel wire springs are manufactured by Mollificio Adriese can be made in different types according to their range of uses.


Mollificio Adrese manufactures cylindrical circle wire springs, conical and biconical all selected during the manufacturing process. The springs are manufactured both in small series (10 pieces) and large series (hundreds of pieces), depending on the client need.

Compression springs have multiple applications: in general, they are used in industries like automotive, shock absorbers, spares, shipbuilding industry, moorings, biomedical, earth-movement, intercoms, etc.


Torsion springs are simple, double, simple shanks, molded shanks with different shapes and lengths.

We can manufacture springs in small or large series with equipped electronic machines with laser mechanical sensors.


Tension springs have various applications.

Mollificio Adirese manufacture in particular cylindrical tension springs and biconical only with certified wires, molded with wire, tape and rings.

The steel springs of Mollificio Adriese

An aesthetically pleasant and high quality finished product: this is the objective of Mollifico Adriese in the manufacturing of carbon steel springs in UNI EN 10270-1 SH o SM for hay tedders, tedders, hay rakes, swath rakes, rakes, seeders, curriers, balers, pick-ups, combine harvesters and for till and prepare the soil.

The manufacture process consists in the thermal treatment and the powder painting, in order to guarantee long lasting and aesthetically pleasant components.

The shot peening treatment is made under the client request, in order to avoid the effects of various mechanical stress procedures and increment the duration of the products.


The manufacturing cycle is closed by an automatic packaging line of steel springs, with the packaging of packs and small boxes, and a labelling line that allows the customization with logo and code bars of springs and packages, making the products immediately recognizable and with added value.

The laser identification service is made under client request as well (possibility of marking the client’s bar code or logo).

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